We Buy Excellent Technology & Health Businesses.

The Skywert Group is not a typical private equity investor but an investment group, consisting of entrepreneurs, executives, and professionals from the health and technology sector.

We acquire existing companies that have already established a strong foundation in a future-oriented sector with the aim to develop them further and scale them to fulfill their full potential.

Our Focus

We are seeking great companies with a focus or application in:

  • Personalized Health / Nutrition / Dietary Supplements
    • Medical laboratories
    • Nutritional supplements (importers, contract fillers, etc.)
  • Personalized Orthopedics
    • Manufacturer of orthopedic-medical devices
    • Orthopedic-medical technology
    • Manufacturer of professional fitness equipment/machines
    • Outpatient therapy & rehabilitation
  • Software & Technology
    • Niche software and hardware companies
  • Others

Why Skywert Group?

  • We are offering you a truly sensible succession solution through a complete takeover of your company, considering your individual situation and a coordinated transition phase until your desired exit date.
  • highly professional and experienced team, as well as excellent partners with a common vision.
  • Stable strategic financing partners and partner banks for a quick and secure financing of the acquisition; if the situation requires it, we have all options for a closing within > 30 days.

Our Process

Our process is fast, transparent, and simple:

  • Sales process of 3 months on average*
  • Straightforward 28-day due diligence process* that focuses on the essence
  • Transparent deal structure with 60% of the purchase price at closing
  • You as owner can stay or go


7 Days

Due Diligence

ø 28 Days


ø 90 Days

*If your company requires complex licenses, permits or has complex interconnections, the process may take longer.

Our Criteria

We feel most comfortable with:

  • High profit margins: Healthy and sustainable; at least 20%.
  • Healthy profit: from $200,000 to $1,500,000 free cash flow
  • Demonstrated consistent earnings power: at least three consecutive years of stable or growing profits (future projections are of little interest to us)
  • Great teams: Positive culture with great employees (min. 3 full-time employees)
  • High ethics: Ethical business mentality and practices
  • Majority stakes: Majority stakes of ≥ 60%.
  • Management: Management already in place or the owners is willing to stay for 2 years.
  • Location: United States, Germany, Switzerland, Canary Islands (Spain)

If your company is exceptionally well managed and has intellectual property that makes it highly scalable, profits as well as profit margins may be lower.

If you are uncertain if your business fits our criteria, contact us anyway, and we’ll let you know in a brief call.