Skywert provides strategic foresight and contrarian insights to navigate the investment landscape shaped by rapid technological change.

Skywert Analysis helps professional investors understand the zeitgeist, trends and ideas that are shaping the future of humanity.

We build long-term partnerships with selected clients who aim to create an ethical and exciting future for our grandchildren.

“Most investors are ill-prepared for the pace of change. Our analysis ensures you won’t be one of them.”

Marius Schober

Founder and CEO, Skywert Analysis

A Zeitgeist of Expertise

Our unique analysis is build upon a decade of intense immersion into exponential technologies and their impact on investment results.


We send out a weekly report with in-depth analysis of disruptive technology & AI shaping industries and investments.



We offer bespoke consulting and tailored technology and industry research to a select clientele, delivering the insights needed for strategic advantage.

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