Marius Schober
Founder and CEO

Marius Schober is the founder and CEO of Skywert Analysis. For more than one decade, he was absorbed and fascinated in the study of exponential technologies – from technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, self-driving cars, quantum computing, IoT, robotics, solar technology, to nuclear fusion. Since 2015 he wrote extensively on his blog and various media platforms on the impact of exponential technologies. He studied “International Business and Social Sciences” at the University of Applied Science Rhine-Waal which he finished with a pioneering thesis called “Dividends for the Value Investors: Nice to Have or a Necessity” which he later updated and published as a book.

Marius was an early investor in Tesla and Palantir, as well as an early adaptor of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dash. In 2021, he initiated a self-funded investment group with the aim to acquire niche healthcare companies to grow and innovate them – which search continues till today.

At Skywert Analysis, Marius, and his team of seasoned analysts and technology insiders provide a unique perspective that empowers professional investors to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of exponential technologies.

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